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Langeleben Memorial.

Members who have attended the last two reunion AGMs or have read the minutes on our website will know that over the last year we have made representations to the Landkreis Helmstedt and to the Bürgermeister of Königslutter for permission to erect an inscribed memorial on the site of the old camp at Langeleben now that it has been finally demolished.

The Helmstedt Council replied that although they where fully in favour of our request and would do all they could to help us in our endeavours their hands were tied because the ownership of the land was still in dispute and the plan was for the site to return back to its former environment as part of the Elm, a National Trust beauty spot.

In further correspondence with Herr Ottomer Lippelt, the Bürgermeister of Königslutter it was decided that a memorial inscribed with mutually agreed text and graphics, both in the English and German language, could ideally be placed on a site only 300 metres from the old camp opposite the Kinderheim (now an old folks home) and the Falkenheim (Youth Hostel). The entrance to the site is in a lay-by which has access to walking paths into the forest and is widely used by the local population and is also close to an area of a “natural cemetery” where family and friends can legally scatter the ashes of their loved ones.

On our recent visit to Königslutter we had a meeting with the Deputy Bürgermeister Martin Knof and a representative from the local masonry school Herr Gunter Dittman who was interested in assisting us by utilising the school students in creating a memorial to agreed specifications. The son of one of our members, Paul Ellis who is a stonemason of some repute and is currently working on a long term contract in Lincoln Cathedral has offered his services (at expenses only terms) on design and even on implementation by liaising with the masonry school in Königslutter. Paul, whose late Mother came from Königslutter is prepared to travel to Germany on our behalf.

At our recent AGM held in the Königshof hotel in Königslutter on 2nd June 2007 it was decided that we should canvass all our members with their ideas on the form and inscription of the memorial, both graphics and text; we have not fully budgeted the enterprise but would possibly expect to pay some £3000-£4000 for the finished product. Obviously present association funds could not cover this expense so we are asking for voluntary donations from you, our membership.

On the actual wording of the memorial we are looking to keep away from the military aspect of our tenure at the camp but to emphasise our fondness for the area and our friendship and interaction with the local population.

Click here: DRAWINGS & location photographs of COMMEMORATIVE STONE

Click here: PROPOSED WORDING of the Memorial (pdf)

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We hope to have the memorial finished within the next year for the inauguration ceremony on our next German reunion in 2009.


Please send your ideas and memorial donation to our Treasurer Gerry Kane at:

 39 Lacey Court, Charnwood Road, Shepshed, Loughborough. LE129QY.

(Cheques to be made out to Langeleben Reunion Association.)


Thanking you all, I remain yours most sincerely.

Ernie Callaghan (Secretary)  28 June 2007


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