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Dedicated to the late Frank Mitchell.

His hard work in tracing and assembling an ageing band of ex-members of the 13th Signal Regiment triggered many of the memories recounted in this book.

The first small history had it's origins as a souvenir programme for the close-down festivities, nothing more, and short contributions were invited from those ex-inmates who could be contacted in a short period of time, to cover the four decades of operations. In the event, some old comrades supplied a great amount of material, the late Sid Grimshaw, for instance, the unit pay clerk in the 50s, sent around ten pages of foolscap, containing much interesting detail. Others submitted equally interesting reminiscences from their times with the various units. Our President remembered carrying out the Recce to find the site; a member of the probe section dispatched to set up the first intercept operation related his experiences. Photographs added to the knowledge.

After a short time John Richardson realised that he had in his hands an (incomplete) short history of the unit and so set to on the SQMS's PC and in a remarkably short space of time for him (about a week) produced the first draft. This was submitted to the Unit Security Officer, and CO for approval, which was forthcoming. Wolters' brewery paid for the printing. Obviously, at the time he was constrained by what could be said (or not) regarding operations. (Old habits die hard).

Unfortunately the original material was lost after the untimely death of our then Secretary, Frank Mitchell. Some of the original contributors are no longer among us, so we have had to basically start over from scratch again. We do have the advantage nowadays of electronic media and the Langeleben forum for research. An appeal for memoirs was made at the 2007 Königslutter Reunion and through the Langeleben Forum and the BVA. This 'Living History' as I have chosen to call it is the result. Like 'Topsie' it just growed.

Last updated 26 March 2009


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