Langeleben Reunion Association





The meeting, attended by 54 members, honorary members and German guests, was opened at 1700 hrs by the Chairman, Rod Goddard. He welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced himself and the Committee:

·         President: Gen Tim Inshaw CB

·         Chairman: Rod Goddard MBE

·         Treasurer: John Rosson (absent from the meeting)

·         Secretary: Charlie and Jud Charlesworth

·         “Our Man in Germany”: John Richardson



The Chairman read out apologies from those who had been unable to attend the reunion: Clive Sanders, Keith Middleton, Mike Miller, Harvey Grainger, Jim Hardy, Bob Wells, Mick Sposito, Dave Street, Peter Ellis, Rusty Rosson and Tom Perkin.



The Chairman presented the minutes of the 24th Annual General Meeting to the meeting. Ted Roberts proposed and Robin Seaward seconded, that the minutes were a true reflection of proceedings at that meeting.



Three Langeleben Facebook pages are currently in operation and it was thought that three was perhaps confusing. After discussion it was agreed that the Association would be unable to close down other Facebook pages even if it wanted to and that things should stay as they were.



In the absence of the Treasurer, John Rosson, the Secretary, Charlie Charlesworth presented the financial statements for 2017. The opening balance had been £3,973.71 and the closing balance stood at £5,704.96. The financial transactions up to 8 August 2018 were also presented, with the balance standing at £5,484.37. See footnote 1.



The Secretary, Charlie Charlesworth reported that in the year 2017 and to date eight members of the Association had passed away: Bill Hogg, George Crellan, Derek Fowler, Chris Sinnett, Tom Daly, Robbie Burns, Steven Haynes, and Taff Smith. Respects to these fallen comrades was not carried out during the meeting in the usual fashion, as they would be remembered during the course of the Memorial Stone Re‑dedication Ceremony taking place the following day.


He reported that the Association had gained five new members: Gary Melding (attending), Peter Thompson, Bill Owens, Ron Stephen (attending), and Paul Cullum. Those in attendance were formally welcomed. It was reported that current membership stood at 449 members.


To comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR all of the membership had been contacted: 390 e-mails and 142 letters, asking people to return a form give their consent for the Reunion Association to hold their personal data. The response had been a relatively disappointing 39% of the membership. The Secretary urged those present who had not yet responded to the GDPR request to do so at the end of the meeting. He also stressed that, for those who had not responded with their consent to hold their data, their details would need to be deleted from the database and would result in the Association being unable to contact them personally, and unable to forward to them the Listening Post.


The Secretary then went on to thank:

·        The anonymous donor (present at the meeting) of the commemorative ties for his generosity as a result of which £1,229.81 had been raised thus far.

·         Tom Perkin for his continued running of the website.

·         Marlene Brooks for producing and editing the Listening Post at least three times a year. He also informed those present that if anyone had a problem with the Members Forum they should contact Marlene.

·         John Richardson for all that he does on behalf of the membership to enable the smooth running of the reunions in Germany.



The Chairman, and Secretary had indicated a willingness to continue to serve in those posts and, as there were no new nominations for either post, the proposal that they should continue for a further year was carried.


The Treasurer, through the Chairman, had indicated his desire to hand over the role but would continue if no volunteer was forthcoming. When no-one from those present expressed a desire to volunteer Gen Tim asked the membership to think seriously about this vital role and put themselves forward at a later date.



“Our Man in Germany” John Richardson gave comprehensive details of all the timings and logistics for the weekend. Bob Weeks volunteered to carry the Königslutter Standard on the parade for the Memorial Stone Rededication Ceremony, and Robin Seaward accepted the suggestion, by Dennis Weir, that he give a short speech, on behalf of the Reunion Association, at the Schützenfest the following evening.



Herr Horst Funcke again welcomed the Reunion Association to Königslutter and presented the President with a very nice coloured glass Königslutter crest as a memento of the weekend.



Mrs Ilona Hawxwell highlighted that some of the membership were not as computer literate as others and asked that, if anything was posted to the Reunion Facebook page it also be posted onto the Langeleben website. She also requested that people consider how they communicate and suggested that any attachments be sent as PDF files and not Word or Excel.


Jud Charlesworth reported that it had become apparent that the families of deceased members really appreciated the presence of the Langeleben Standard and/or Coffin Drape at their funerals. She proposed that the Standard and/or Coffin Drape be made available to the families of all deceased members should they so desire. After some debate the proposal was accepted unanimously in principle, however the practicalities of insurance, shipping and payment and an appropriate standard bearer to carry the standard properly would still have to be ironed out before this could be properly put into action.


On behalf of the membership Mr Ken Vipond extended a vote of thanks to Mrs Ilona Hawxwell and Mrs Hicken for their commitment to keeping the Memorial Stone clean and in good order.


The Chairman announced that the 26th Reunion would take place from 23-24 August 2019 at Burleigh Court, Loughborough (the same weekend as the Shützenfest in Langeleben). He suggested that some entertainment for the Saturday might be appropriate and paid for from Association Funds. The membership agreed. See footnote 2.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 1800 hrs.




Chairman: ……………………………………………….                 Date: ………………………………




1. Following the 25th reunion celebrations and payments of local expenses the balance stands at £3,982.70.

2. As the proposed 2019 reunion dates clashed with that of the Langeleben Shützenfest (and some members would like to attend both) the    Committee has made the decision to move the 2019 Reunion UK date. This had resulted in the Burleigh Court venue becoming too expensive and a new venue had to be sought. Both details to be confirmed.


Accounts for year ending 31 December 2017

Last updated 16 September 2018