UK Reunion
Minutes of the 23rd Annual General Meeting
Held at The Link Hotel, Loughborough
 on Saturday 10th September 2016 at 1100hrs.


The meeting was attended by 45 members and proceedings were opened at 11:00 hours by our Chairman, Rod Goddard, who welcomed everyone to the Branch AGM, especially our friends from Königslutter. The Chairman then read out the Act of Remembrance followed by mentioning those members who had passed away since our last meeting.
This was followed by a minute’s silence for reflection of our fallen comrades. The Branch Standard was lowered by our Standard Bearer, Tom Neal.


The Secretary, Clive Sanders, read out the apologies of those members who for various reasons were unable to attend.


The minutes of the 22nd AGM having previously been circulated on the branch website and in the Listening Post were taken as read by the meeting.


The Vice-President, Rod Goddard, began his address by welcoming everyone in attendance and thanking them for making the effort to attend the 23rd Branch Reunion. He then gave an address on the future structure of the Royal Corps of Signals, which had now completed its move to be part of the new ‘Super-Garrison’ centred on Beacon Barracks in Stafford. He then moved on to the Intelligence Corps, which he reported as currently having 36% of its personnel ”either deployed on or directly supporting over 10 separate and diverse operations”.


Clive Sanders, on behalf of our Treasurer, John Rosson, read the Treasurer’s report on the branch’s current financial situation. This showed that for the year ending 31 Dec 2014, the Branch Finances stood at £4457.58p. However, by 31 Dec 2015 the account had declined to £3415.45p. This was mainly due to a donation of £698.45p, made by the Branch to the Bürgermeister of Königslutter, which has been forwarded on to the Rudolf Diesel School for children with special learning needs in Königslutter.
The Secretary, on behalf of the Treasurer, then stated that it was hoped that this reunion would raise funds to improve the financial position of the Branch Accounts, so please dig deep in your pockets at this evenings Raffle.


The Branch Secretary, Clive Sanders, started his report by giving a BIG vote of thanks to Dick Pickup, the branch’s Loughborough Reunion Coordinator, for the wonderful job he had done in arranging, rearranging and in some cases cancelling bookings for this year’s reunion. He reported that the branch now consisted of 443 members. He also thanked Tom Perkin, our web-site manager and Marlene Brooks, the editor of our association magazine, the Listening Post, for the continuing excellent work they are doing to support our association.


Due to the passing away of our previous Branch President, Major General Peter Baldwin, there is a vacancy for this office. Our Chairman, Rod Goddard nominated Major General Tim Inshaw for this post. This nomination was Seconded by Mac Peden and unanimously carried by the members.

The current Branch Treasurer, John Rosson, stated that if any other member wished to take on the role of Branch Treasurer, he would not stand in their way, but the members expressed their confidence in the wonderful way that Debra Nicosia, in the name of John Rosson, was fulfilling this role and unanimously asked John to pass on the thanks of the members to Debra.

Due to the current Branch Secretary, Clive Sanders, requesting to stand down from the office, there was a vacancy for a new Branch Secretary. The Chairman, Rod Goddard, reported that he did have a volunteer, in the persons of Charlie and Jud Charlesworth and Tom Allum proposed that they take on the duties. This proposal was seconded by Jim Husband and the members unanimously backed this proposal.


The first item of AOB was where to hold our reunions in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Rod Goddard, suggested that the 2017 and the 2018 reunions should both be held in Königslutter. The main reason for this was that our 2018 reunion will also be the celebration of our 25th anniversary and he felt, that this very special event should take place near to Langeleben in the town of Königslutter. Heini Feddeck added that the Schützenkönig from Königslutter has extended a special invitation for us to attend the 2020 Schutzenfest in Konigslutter. This will be in order to join with them in celebration of their 550 anniversary. It was therefore proposed by Mike Sposito and seconded by Robbie McCallum that the 2017 and 2018 reunions be held in Königslutter and the 2019 reunion be held in Loughborough and this proposal was carried by a large majority of the members.
The next item of AOB was the state of the Branch Finances and there was much discussion about costs paid by the branch and how the branch financial state could be improved. No clear decisions were made at the end of the debate, but it was suggested that a collection could be organized at the 2017 Königslutter to help bolster the Branch Finances.
The third item of AOB was a suggestion by Rod Goddard that there be a Service of Rededication at the Memorial Stone in Langeleben. Hopefully a band can be found to provide music for this occasion. This was agreed by a majority of the members.
The fourth item of AOB was a talk by Ilona Hawxwell on events in Königslutter during 2017. This was followed by an address by Horst Funke, during which he made a presentation to the Branch Secretary.
The next item of AOB was initiated by our Chairman, Rod Goddard, who suggested that a plaque be added to our bench in the National Arboretum to commemorate our much missed President, Maj. Gen. Peter Baldwin. Rod's suggestion quickly gathered the support of the members and it was agreed that a plaque should be obtained for the bench with a target cost of £25.00.
Finally, Rod Goddard thanked Tom Neal for serving as the Branch Standard Bearer, more or less since the branch was formed. The members responded with an enthusiastic round of applause for Tom. Rod then asked for a member to volunteer to take on the duties of Standard Bearer and much to the approval of the members, Robbie McCallum was eventually persuaded to volunteer.


The provisional dates for the 2017 reunion were agreed as 28th - 30th August 2017, but this was dependent on the dates of the 2017 Königslutter Schützenfest.

The meeting closed at 1235 hrs.

Last updated 02 October 2016