Langeleben Reunion Association
Minutes of the 22nd AGM of the Langeleben Reunion Branch
Held at the Avalon Hotel, Königslutter-am-Elm
on the 29th August 2015 at 11:00 hours.


The meeting was attended by 46 members and proceedings were opened at 10:56 hours by our Chairman, Rod Goddard, who welcomed everyone to the branch AGM, especially our guest, the Bürgermeister of Königslutter Am Elm, Herr. Alexander Hoppe. The chairman then read out the Kohima Epitaph and the meeting held a minute’s silence for our fallen comrades, as the branch standard was lowered by our standard bearer Tom Neal.


The Secretary, Clive Sanders, read out the apologies of those members who for various reasons were unable to attend.


The minutes of the 21st AGM, having been previously been circulated on the branch website and in the Listening Post, were taken as read by the meeting. There were no matters arising.


In the absence of our President, Major General Peter Baldwin, our Vice-President, Rodney Goddard, read the following address on his behalf:

“There must be many of you who are wondering whether this old fellow they call “The President” actually exists. I can confirm that he sits miserably at home, conscious that he is missing yet another splendid reunion of a group of people who, through a common interest, formed close friendships, which will sustain them over the years ahead.

I have always regarded the Y Services as a close-knit family, who shared a joint interest in the work they were doing and the sporting trophies they won.

I am writing to ask you to express my disappointment for something that I think is going to dog the months or years to come. Never the less, both Gail and I will be thinking of you as you visit familiar places and enjoy one anothers’ company in the evenings. We shall miss you.”


The Vice-President, Rod Goddard, then gave an address on the future structures of both the Royal Corps of Signals and the Intelligence Corps. He also spoke on the importance of our annual meetings and emphasized that the influence of our reunions is becoming more essential in this age of modern communications.


The Bürgermeister of Königslutter, Herr. Alexander Hoppe, gave an address to the meeting, translated by John Richardson, in which he again welcomed the branch to the town and reminded everyone of the long friendly association between Langeleben veterans and the town.


Clive Sanders, on behalf of our Treasurer, John Rosson, read  the Treasurer’s report on the branch’s current financial situation. This showed that for the year ending 31 Dec 2014, the branch finances continued to be in a very healthy state. The branch started 2014 with an opening balance of £4360.98p and at the end of the year, the closing balance stood at £4457.58p.


The Branch Secretary, Clive Sanders, started his report by thanking John Richardson, the branch’s Königslutter reunion coordinator, for the wonderful job he had done in  arranging this year’s reunion. He also thanked Heini Feddeck, Ilona Hawxwell and Horst Funke for their help with admin support for the reunion. He reported that the branch now consisted of 451 members and asked the Chairman to welcome and hand a Life Membership certificate to our latest new member, John Evans. He also thanked Tom Perkin, our web-site manager and Marlene Brooks, the editor of our association magazine, the Listening Post, for the continuing excellent work they are doing to support our association. Clive ended by saying that he hoped everyone liked the Identity Badges he had made for this year’s reunion and asked everyone to hand then back to him before they departed.


There being no vacancies in the committee there was no Election of Officers.


The Secretary, Clive Sanders, started AOB by asking for a volunteer to provide a home for the association’s banner, coffin drape and glass insignia. Mike Sposito generously volunteered to look after these important association emblems.

Clive next suggested that the branch should make a donation to the Bürgermeister of Königslutter to be passed on to a local charity of his choice. He suggested the sum of 100 Euros should be donated. After some discussion it was proposed by Ted Roberts and seconded by Dennis Weir that the sum of 1000 Euros be donated to the Bürgermeister's charity. This proposal received unanimous support from all the members. The Bürgermeister thanked everyone for such a generous donation. (Note:- It was afterwards confirmed by the Bürgermeister that the donation would be given to the Support Group of the Rudolf Diesel school for children with special needs.)

Clive then informed branch members of the 50 Year Badge awarded by the Royal Signals Association to members who complete 50 service to the Corps, which can consist of Regular Army service, TA service and Active service to the Association or its branches. Gerry Kane already had received the badge and Dennis Weir has applied for the award.

Peter Hailey asked whether hats may be worn on the Schützenfest Parade, as the weather forecast was for a very sunny day with temperatures reaching 33 degrees centigrade. This was supported by all the members and it was decided that hats should be worn to give some protection from the sun.


The provisional dates for the 2016 Loughborough reunion were agreed as 9th-11th September 2016.


The meeting closed at 11:40 hours.



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