Langeleben Reunion Association
Minutes of the 20th AGM
Held at the Königshof Hotel Königslutter
Saturday 24th August 2013 @ 1100hours

The meeting was attended by 54 members and proceedings opened by our Chairman Jim Husband who then introduced the members of the committee and our guest Alexander Hoppe Bürgermeister of Königslutter.The chairman read out the roll of honour, this was followed by a minute’s silence as the Langeleben standard was lowered by bearer Tom Neal.
The Secretary Ernie Callaghan issued apologies of those members who for various reasons were unable to attend.

The minutes of the 19th AGM previously handed out for the benefit of attending members and published on our website and newsletter were accepted by the floor after a proposal by Peter Westwell and seconded by Neil Mapp.

In the absence of our President Major General Peter Baldwin our Vice President Rodney Goddard welcomed the members and thanked them for making the physical effort to attend our 20th anniversary reunion. He offered a special word of thanks to the Bürgermeister for taking time out of his busy schedule to be with us this day.

Rodney explained that he was standing in for our President Peter Baldwin who was unwell and was thus unable to make the trip this year and asked the floor to join him both in thought and prayer for Peter and Gail at what was a difficult time for them.

Rodney went on to give us an outline of what was going on in our two principle Corps, (Signals and Intelligence) with the reductions in manning in 2020 of around 14% Royal Signals and 10% Intelligence Corps bringing the army total strength down to 82000, this will result in an increase in the number of reservists.

As a result there will be approximately 200 Royal Signals personnel in our main areas of interest divided between Cheltenham, RAF Digby and Cyprus.

With the help of our interpreter member Michael Braham is published in full on the website.

Our Treasurer Gerry Kane issued a detailed report on the branch’s current financial situation which showed a healthy balance despite our generous donations totalling £1000 to various charities at last years AGM, Acceptance of the financial report was proposed by Denis Parr seconded by Tom Allum and accepted by the floor. Gerry asked that attending members paid him the monies for the ordered events at the end of the meeting.

The Secretary Ernie Callaghan started by again thanking the members for a great turnout on our 20
th anniversary reunion, despite the economic situation we had 54 members attending and with families and local guests over 100 people would be enjoying the weekend.

He also thanked the Bürgermeister Alexander Hoppe for finding time during the busy Schützenfest celebrations and for cementing the special relationship between our association and the town of Königslutter.

He announced that the reunion branch membership had continued to grow with 14 new members joining since the last AGM in 2012. He also mentioned the thanks we owed to our webmaster Tom Perkin and our newsletter editor Marlene Brooks for keeping us in touch with events over the year.

The Secretary also announced that sadly this would be his last report as he was now standing down from the committee after nearly 15 years and that it had been a privilege and a pleasure to have served the members for all this time, it had been a great period in his life but we needed a fresh and younger approach to guarantee the continuation of our unique association.

As three members of the committee, Jim Husband, Gerry Kane and Ernie Callaghan had expressed a wish to stand down after serving on the platform for some 52 years between them this left vacancies for the positions of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

Nominations were proposed and seconded for members Roger Longden Chairman, Clive Sanders Secretary, Richard Pickup Assistant Secretary (UK reunions), John Richardson Assistant Secretary (German reunions) and John Plaskitt Treasurer. They were all unanimously elected unopposed by the floor.

Member Clive Sanders our poet laureate made a presentation of a framed poem to the Bürgermeister which was received with grace.

The secretary announced that member Tom Allum had arranged the design and manufacture of a sample number of baseball caps with the logo’s of the Royal Signals and Intelligence Corps and the Langeleben veterans. They were on sale for £7 each, the profits going to branch funds.

Member Ilona Hawxwell made an emotional speech thanking our members that went over to Germany to attend the funeral of her husband George Hawxwell who died last September, she was especially proud that member Michael Braham had arranged for a standard bearer and bugler to give George a military style farewell as was his wishes.

Honorary member Arnulf Baumann said a few words thanking the branch for their donation of £200 last year for his charity for an african children’s school to obtain ethnic musical instruments and books, he showed a photograph of the school principal receiving the gifts.

It was agreed that our reunion in 2014 be held at Burleigh Court Loughborough during the last week in August so as to keep equilibrium with the Schützenfest schedule in Königslutter.

The meeting closed at 1245 hours.


Last updated 14 January 2017