UK Reunion
Minutes of the 19th Annual General Meeting
Held at Burleigh Court Loughborough
 on Saturday 26th May 2012 at 1130hrs.

The meeting was attended by 54 members and proceedings opened by our Chairman Jim Husband who then introduced the members of the committee. The Chairman read out the roll of honour, this was followed by a minute’s silence, our President; Major General Peter Baldwin recited the Act of remembrance as the Langeleben standard was lowered by bearer Tom Neal.

APOLOGIES: The Secretary Ernie Callaghan issued apologies of those members who for various reasons were unable to attend.

MINUTES OF 18th AGM: The minutes of the 18th AGM previously handed out for the benefit of attending members and published on our website and in our newsletter were accepted by the floor after a proposal by Ray Armstrong and seconded by Dave Thomas.

PRESIDENTS ADDRESS: Major General Peter Baldwin in a humorous and short address spoke of the consolidation and rationalisation of the Royal Signals Corps.

TREASURERS REPORT: Our Treasurer Gerry Kane issued a detailed report on the branch’s current financial situation which showed an embarrassingly healthy balance, mainly due to the committee’s prudence and generous donations from our members. Gerry suggested that perhaps we should consider setting aside a portion of our final balance to be donated to agreed charities. After a long open discussion it was agreed that £1000 should be apportioned to the following five recipients.

 1. BLESMA, (British Limbless Ex Service Men’s Association), £500.

 2. Royal British Legion poppy appeal, £100.

 3. 621 Ordenance bomb disposal unit, £100.

 4. 18 Signals Regiment. £100.

 5. Arnulf Baumann’s Kenyan Orphans fund, £200.

Acceptance of the financial report was proposed by Ray Armstrong, seconded by John Rosson and accepted by the floor. Gerry asked that attending members paid him the monies for the ordered events at the end of the AGM.


Good morning all.

It’s great to see such a good attendance again this year, we have some 90 members and guests over the weekend, which considering the present economic situation confirms your commitment to our unique association.

Seven new members have joined us since the last AGM, the latest recruit, member No.514 Fred Simpson served at Langeleben in the late 1960’s and various postings up to 1977, Fred now lives in the Falkland Isles so our fame is spreading.

Again I would like to thank both our webmaster Tom Perkin and Marlene Brooks, editor of “The Listening Post” for doing such a great job in keeping all of our members up to date with events. Marlene has asked me to encourage more of you into providing what is the lifeblood of the newsletter, that is copy; we need more articles, more old memories,stories and photo’s of your times at Langeleben or indeed in the services. We especially need more input from the younger generations who served in the 70’s, 80’s and up to the closure of the camp in 1991.

If anyone here is not receiving their copies of the newsletter please see me after the meeting and we will put it right.

You will have heard that Gerry, Jim & I have expressed the desire to stand down from the committee, we gave notice ten months ago that after nearly 20 years and now in our mid seventies it was perhaps time to smell the roses and pass the baton on to a younger element with fresh ideas to take the association forward. So far not one person has volunteered, not one name has been recommended. A couple of members that we thought would fit the bill have declined so we are still where we were nearly a year ago. All three of us are happy to carry on for the next year to take us on to our 20th anniversary reunion; we must however instil in you all the pressing need for a shadow committee to be placed in situe as soon as possible to cover all eventualities. We will discuss the issue in detail later on in the meeting when we get to Item 8, ELECTION OF OFFICERS and the floor has had time to think of ways that will guarantee continuation of our association.

We hope that you and your guests enjoy the rest of the weekend and look forward to seeing many of you again next year.

Could I please ask you all to sign the attendance book at the end of this meeting.

MATTERS ARISING: Chairman Jim Husband announced to the membership that honorary member Arnulf Baumann had recently received one of the highest civilian awards in Germany: The Federal Cross of Merit and Distinguished Service Medal, (equivalent to our OBE). Arnulf, long time Mayor of Königslutter and a great help to the association over the years accepted our congratulations and told us of the charity that he helps to run for orphans in Kenya and that our generous donation would be used to supply the children with ethnic musical instruments. Member Peter Ellis proudly told the floor that his son Paul, also an honorary member and carver of our magnificent memorial in Langeleben, had been commissioned by Lincoln Cathedral to produce a stone replica of the coronation crown, Paul has now completed this task and the result is indeed inspiring, It will be placed within the west wall of the Cathedral soon. Paul has an introduction to the Queen on the 13th of June...

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: The Secretary advised members that as no offers to replace the existing committee had been received the current committee were prepared to continue on for the next year to take us on to our 20th anniversary reunion. To ensure uninterrupted continuance of the Langeleben reunion branch a shadow committee must by then be put in place.

2013 REUNION: It was agreed that our reunion in 2013 be held in Königslutter at the end of August to coincide with the town Schützenfest and we will be working to that effect.

The meeting closed at 1250 hrs.


Last updated 20 June 2012