Langeleben Reunion Association


Minutes of the 18th AGM
Held at the Königshof Hotel Königslutter
Saturday 28th May 2011 @ 1100hours

The meeting was attended by 54 members and proceedings opened by our Chairman Jim Husband who then introduced the members of the committee. The chairman read out the roll of honour this was followed by a minute’s silence, then our President, Major General Peter Baldwin recited the Act of remembrance as the Langeleben standard was lowered by bearer Tom Neal.

The Secretary Ernie Callaghan issued apologies of those members who for various reasons were unable to attend.

The minutes of the 17th AGM previously handed out for the benefit of attending members and published on our website were accepted by the floor after a proposal by Steve Vaughan and seconded by Dave Whittaker.

Major General Peter Baldwin, in his usual good form, welcomed all and marvelled at the uniqueness of our close knit association and that of our cousin the BVA. He knows of no other military group or association that can match our achievements. Most of his news in reference to the Royal Signals was about withdrawals and expected cuts in numbers and equipment.

Our Treasurer Gerry Kane issued a detailed report on the branch’s current financial situation which showed a healthy balance, mainly due to the committee’s prudence and generous donations from our members. Acceptance of the financial report was proposed by Ray Armstrong, seconded by John Rosson and accepted by the floor. Gerry asked that attending members paid him the monies for the ordered events at the end of the AGM. The Secretary Ernie Callaghan gave a report which is shown as a separate item below.

Our President Major General Peter Baldwin had previously indicated to the committee that it would be prudent if we were to elect a Vice President to cover for him in the event of his future non attendance for age and health reasons, after discussion member Rod Goddard was proposed as Vice President by Stuart McLeod and seconded by Ken Vipond, unopposed Rod was accepted by the members and we welcome his appointment as a member of the committee. The Secretary then advised members that the current committee were prepared to continue for the next year but as the average age of the of the present incumbents was approx. 77 years perhaps it would be a good idea to select a shadow committee to cover the remaining incumbents so as to ensure uninterrupted continuance of the Langeleben reunion branch.

It was agreed that our reunion in 2012 be held at Burleigh Court Loughborough at our usual slot at the end of May, (subject to acceptable pricing and availability) The meeting closed at 1235 hours.

Good morning all, this is going to be a shorter report than usual as you are now kept fully up to date in our newsletters.
(I hope you are all receiving your copies, those of you that are not could you please give me your names after this meeting).

We have some 74 members and guests attending this reunion weekend, obviously down on two years ago, all of you who attended in 2009 know what a special reunion that was and what a hard act it is to follow.
Considering the economic situation and our ageing membership we still have a remarkable turnout this year and we thank you all for coming.

I have to announce the resignation of our assistant secretary John Richardson who felt that he was under- employed and that his position was intended for the 2009 memorial reunion only. John did an excellent job on that occasion; the success of that memorable weekend was mainly due to the planning and effort that John put in on our behalf and we, the committee, are eternally grateful. John thankfully will continue to be our representative and liaison at the German end.

I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank our talented editor Marlene Brooks for the great work that she does for us in producing a readable and entertaining newsletter, we do need more input from you our members, more articles please, just small pieces, photos, reminiscences of your times at Langeleben or looking for long lost army pals: just 200-250 words would be great.

I would also like to thank our webmaster Tom Perkin for the time and effort he puts in to produce and maintain our excellent Langeleben website, we are grateful to them both.

Since the last AGM in 2010 held at Loughborough we have enlisted seventeen new members, the last one being member number 502. We now have 436 live members and the membership is still growing, again mainly thanks to our website.
You should have all received the Itinerary for the weekend and as you can see it is fairly packed, especially for those of you that are going on the Eastern zone trip on Sunday morning and also attending the Sunday evening BBQ. For those of you not going on the coach trip on Sunday the hotel does do a very good brunch from 1100-1400 at a cost of 11 Euros per person which you can charge to your room account, please book to reserve at reception sometime today.

Over the weekend you should still be able to find time to look around town and perhaps pay a visit to Langeleben and check on our commemorative stone, especially those of you that have not yet seen it.

Monies for the booked events should be paid to Gerry Kane at the end of this meeting, please also sign the attendance book on the way out.

I hope the weather keeps fine for us and that you all enjoy your weekend.

Last updated 14 January 2017