Langeleben Reunion Association


Minutes of the 15th AGM and Reunion
Burleigh Court, Loughborough. 24th May 2008

The meeting started at 1115 hrs.

Introductions by our Chairman Jim Husband who then read out the Roll of Honour followed by one minute’s silence. The Chairman then introduced the Secretary who gave apologies for those members who for various reasons were unable to attend.
The Secretary then asked for acceptance of the minutes of the 14th AGM which all members hopefully had read, acceptance proposed by Dave Burnage and seconded by Jim Jones.

The Chairman then introduced the President Major General Peter Baldwin who as always raised the tone of the meeting with his facts and wit.

The Treasurer Gerry Kane was introduced and gave the annual financial report with the breakdown of income and expenditure on both the General and memorial funds giving a joint closing balance of £6,188.46, mainly due to the generosity of member donations towards the memorial fund. The memorial fund at the present time now exceeds £5000, helped greatly by the collection at the funeral of member Paul Fildes who died in March and generously donated by Paul’s family, (nearly£1000).
Gerry then reminded the members that at the end of the meeting he would be collecting payment for the evening’s dinner/dance at £20 per head. The financial report acceptance was proposed by John Plaskitt and seconded by Ray Armstrong.

Secretary’s report in full is available on the website.

Election of Officers: The committee all agreed to carry on for another term and as there was no applicants from the floor the committee were re-elected until the next AGM in 2009.
The secretary had previously explained the need for the vacancy of Assistant Secretary to be filled after a void of nine years. Paul Croxon proposed member John Richardson in his absence, this was seconded by Dave Thomas and on a show of hands John was unanimously accepted and will take up the post immediately.

The secretary then introduced Paul Ellis our designated stonemason who gave a great presentation full of information and passion and also displaying actual scale drawings of the proposed memorial.
After Paul’s presentation a lively discussion took place and it was decided that it would be politically expedient to replace the handshake emblem on the front and back of the memorial with the crossed flags of the Union Jack and the German national flag. Member John (Rusty) Rosson has offered a vehicle to transport the finished memorial to Königslutter where it will be assembled and placed in situe.

2009 reunion. The date of the 2009 reunion has been pencilled in for the week 10th -17th June after the success of John Richardson’s meeting with the Königslutter Schützengilde and their agreement to accommodate us by changing the date of the Schützenfest to 12th-14th June.
At the end of the meeting the secretary asked all members to sign the attendance book.

The meeting closed at 1230 hrs.

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