Langeleben Reunion Association


Minutes of the 13th AGM and Reunion
Burleigh Court Loughborough, 27th May 2006

The meeting opened at 1135 hours.

The Chairman Jim Husband introduced the committee and then read out a list of 41 members who had died since the inception of the association.

Our President Major General Peter Baldwin read out the dedication and led the assembly in a minute's silence.

The Secretary then gave out apologies for those members who for various reasons could not attend.

The minutes of the 12th AGM where distributed for members to read, the Secretary asked for any questions arising from the 2005 minutes, there where none, so the secretary asked for a proposal to accept, proposed by Ray Armstrong and seconded by Paul Fildes.

The Chairman Jim Husband spoke to the floor about the purchase of the drape for use at future funerals at the request of the deceased member's families, and of the ease of portage as opposed to the memorial standard. The cost of the drape £283.20 was paid from branch funds.

The secretary thanked the membership for yet again a great attendance and then read out a letter sent to the Landkreis Helmstedt and also their reply in reference to some kind of memorial to be sited in the area of the old camp in Langeleben. Discussion from the floor ensued and the committee where asked to look into the possibility of having some kind of a memorial stone or plaque sited in the town of Königslutter, perhaps in the Rathaus or Am Markt.

The Secretary then introduced the President Major General Peter Baldwin who spoke of the great work being performed by members of the Royal Signals in all the different fields of engagement from Bosnia to Iraq.

Horst Funke an honorary member and representative from Königslutter then made a presentation to the branch of a fine leaded glass pennant with the coat of arms of the town donated by Ottomar Lippelt the Bürgermeister of Königslutter and then the a mug engraved with an image of the Kaiserdom to the secretary.

Treasurer's report: The treasurer Gerry Kane gave details of our finances and running costs and of the healthy state of our balance. The report is in the hands of the committee.

The acceptance of the report was proposed by Neil Mapp and seconded by Steve Vaughan.

Election of officers for the coming year: The committee all agree to serve for the next twelve months and as no members put up for election the committee where unanimously re-elected for the coming term.

It was agreed that the 14th AGM and reunion should be held in Königslutter in 2007 and we should keep to the May/June timescale. We will try to suggest to the Schützengildemeister that it would be advantageous for the town if they could possibly return the festival to this date to accommodate us.

WO2 David Marrs, a serving NCO, gave an amusing and informative electronic potted history of the Corps from 1 wireless through 225 Squadron and various transitions up to the present day 14 Sigs.

Member Dennis Weir gave his own small presentation aiming to recruit members for the 'Y' Services branch. R.B.L.

The meeting closed at 1315 hours.


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