Langeleben Reunion Association


Minutes of The 12th AGM and Reunion

Königshof Hotel Königslutter 28th May 2005

The meeting opened at 1100 hrs.

The chairman Jim Husband introduced the committee and guests on the platform, Arnulf Baumann and Horst Funke, then read out the list of members who had died since the inception of the reunion association.

Major General Peter Baldwin gave the dedication and asked for a minute’s silence, our Standard bearer Tom Neal attended the memorial Standard. At this point the President suggested that because of the overbearing heat the members could remove blazers and ties to the relief of the assembly.

The Secretary then read the apologies of members whom for various reasons where unable to attend the AGM.

The minutes of the 11thAGM where distributed for members to read, the secretary asked if there where any questions arising from the 2004 minutes, there where none, so the Secretary asked for a proposal to accept, proposed by Ray Armstrong and seconded by Pete Ellis.

Matters arising: The Secretary thanked the membership for a great attendance and introduced five members who had traveled from far afield, two from the Bahamas one from Canada one from Prague, and one from Spain

Ian Sterling brought up the feelings of some of our members who thought that it would be desirable for future reunions in Germany to coincide with the Shutzenfest, although the committee and most members agreed, it was not always possible, as the dates of the festival varied widely year by year, but we, the committee, would, in liaison with Arnulf Baumann, try to persuade the Shutzengilde to rationalize the date of the event to accommodate us, but of course other factors would have to come into their decision.

The Secretary then introduced our President P. A. C. Baldwin, who brought us up to date with the involvement of the Royal Signals in today’s stretched environment.

The ex Burgermeister Arnulf Baumann made a speech welcoming us to Königslutter and thanking us for continuing our involvement with his Town. Arnulf explained that to obviate our disappointment of the Shutzenfest being moved to the end of September this year the Shutzengildmeister Rainer Stark had invited us to a shoot at their club in Luttersprings and that the current Burgermeister Oscar Lippelt had donated a trophy to be awarded to the best shot.

Horst Funke an honorary member from Königslutter gave a short speech also welcoming us to his home town and made a presentation of an engraved mug to the reunion Secretary.

Secretary’s Report: The secretary gave details of membership (now 424) and then introduced the treasurer Gerry Kane.

Treasurer's Report: The treasurer gave details of our finances and a report is in the hands of the committee, he also gave details of the running costs and of the reasonably healthy state of our bank balance.

The acceptance of the report proposed by Paul Fildes and seconded by Ian Johnstone.

Election of officers for the next year: The committee all agreed to serve for the next 12 months and as no members put up for election the committee where unanimously re- elected for the coming term.

It was unanimously agreed that the reunion for 2006 should be held at Burleigh Court Loughborough and if possible the last weekend in May.

The Meeting closed at 1220 hrs.


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