Langeleben Reunion Association


Minutes of the 11th AGM and Reunion
Burleigh Court Loughborough, 29thMay 2004

The meeting opened at 1115 hours.

The Chairman Jim Husband introduced the committee and civic guests, the deputy Mayor of Charnwood, Councilor Jack Moore with his daughter consort and Arnulf Baumann ex Burgermeister and councilor from Königslutter.

The Chairman then read out a list of 28 members who had died since the inception of the association.

Our President Major General Peter Baldwin read out the dedication and led the assembly in a minute's silence.

The Secretary then gave out apologies for those members who for various reasons could not attend.

The minutes of the 10th AGM where distributed for members to read, the Secretary asked for any questions arising from the 2003 minutes, there where none, so the secretary asked for a proposal to accept, proposed by Neil Cooper and seconded by Ted Tolley.

The secretary thanked the membership for yet again a great attendance then introduced the President Major General Peter Baldwin who spoke of the great work being performed by members of the Royal Signals in all the different fields of engagement from Bosnia to Iraq.

The deputy Mayor of Charnwood Councilor Moore gave an amusing speech thanking us for the opportunity to address us and giving us a brief resume of his commercial and civic career and spoke of the binding association of Loughborough and the Royal Signals.

Our German guests Arnulf Baumann and Horst Funke thanked us for inviting them to the reunion stressing the importance of our association with Langeleben and Königslutter and inviting us to join them again next year in Germany. Horst Funke then made a presentation of a Mug engraved with an image of the Kaiserdom to the secretary.

Secretary's report: The Secretary gave details of membership (now 418). then brought to the attention of the floor a proposal by Clive Inman on the possibility of a donation to an appeal by the Gurkha Signals Regiment in view to bringing over to the UK a party of ex Gurkhas to attend the Remembrance day parade in November to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The floor agreed on a donation of £100, proposed by Clive Inman and seconded by John Rosson.

The secretary then brought to the members attention a book written by Chris Rundle, an ex voice op from Langeleben 58/9, who in writing his memoirs used information from our website and in sending us a presentation signed copy thanked us for assistance given.

The book has two or three pages dedicated to the camp and to the importance of the intelligence gathered by our efforts. He gives us credit in the dedications.

Treasurer's report: The treasurer Gerry Kane gave details of our finances and running costs and of the healthy state of our balance. The report is in the hands of the committee.

The acceptance of the report was proposed by John Rosson and seconded by Ted Tolley.

Gerry then told the floor of the £100 donation from Renate, widow of Phil Wyndham Lewis, to be used at the evening social to buy wine and to toast her late husband.

Election of officers for the coming year: The committee all agree to serve for the next twelve months and as no members put up for election the committee where unanimously re-elected for the coming term.

It was agreed that the 12th AGM and reunion should be held in Königslutter in 2005 and we should keep to the May/June timescale. We will try to suggest to the Schützengilde Meister that it would be advantageous for the town if they could possibly return the festival to this date to accommodate us.

The meeting closed at 1235 hours.


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