Langeleben Reunion Association


Minutes of The 10th AGM and Reunion

Königshof Hotel Königslutter 31st May 2003

The meeting opened at 1100 hrs.

The chairman Jim Husband introduced the committee and civic guests Arnulf Baumann and Horst Funke.

Major General Peter Baldwin spoke of the two members that had passed away since the last AGM, Ken Eaves and Andrew Forrest then gave the dedication and asked for a minute’s silence.

The Secretary then read the apologies of members whom for various reasons where unable to attend the AGM.

The minutes of the 9th AGM where distributed for members to read, the secretary asked if there where any questions arising from the 2002 minutes, there where none, so the Secretary asked for a proposal to accept, proposed by Eric Sadler and seconded by Ray Armstrong.

Matters arising: The Secretary thanked the membership for a great attendance and introduced two new members who were in attendance (Mike Cadwgan and Rod Walker).

The Secretary then introduced our President P A C Baldwin who brought us up to date with the involvement of the Royal Signals in today’s environment, and spoke about the importance of keeping separate the aims of any fringe reunion associations that may evolve, also to keep our own identity, but at the same time to liaise with them as much as possible.

The ex Burgermeister Arnulf Baumann made a speech welcoming us to Königslutter and explaining the new civic full time appointment of the new incumbent and of the increased responsibilities of the new office.

Horst Funke an honorary member from Königslutter gave a short speech also welcoming us to his home town and made a presentation of a plaque to the reunion committee.

Secretary’s Report The secretary gave details of membership (now 410). The Secretary then introduced the treasurer Gerry Kane.

Treasurer's Report: The treasurer gave details of our finances and a report is in the hands of the committee, he also gave details of the running costs and of the reasonably healthy state of our balance.

The acceptance of the report proposed again by Eric Sadler and seconded by Ray Armstrong.

Election of officers for the next year: The committee all agreed to serve for the next 12 months and as no members put up for election the committee where unanimously re- elected for the coming term.

It was unanimously agreed that the reunion for 2004 should be held at Burleigh Court Loughborough and if possible the last weekend in May.

The Meeting closed at 1220 hrs.


Last updated 14 January 2017