Langeleben Reunion Association



Königshof Hotel Königslutter 26th May 2001


The meeting opened at 1100 hrs.

The chairman Jim Husband introduced the committee and civic guest Arnulf Baumann.

Major General Peter Baldwin spoke of the two members that had passed away since the last AGM, Brian Garland and Jack Hilton then gave the dedication and asked for a minute’s silence

The Secretary then read the apologies of members whom for various reasons where unable to attend the AGM.

The minutes of the 7th AGM where distributed for members to read, the secretary asked if there where any questions arising from the 2000 minutes, there where none so the Secretary asked for a proposal to accept, this was proposed by Ted Tolley and seconded by Jock Stirling.

Matters arising: The Secretary thanked the membership for a great attendance, especially the member Steve Anthony who had traveled all the way from Canada and told the members about the American servicemen who had contacted him and had been friends of Frank Mitchell.

The Secretary then introduced in order, our President P A C Baldwin who brought us up to date with the involvement of the Royal Signals in today’s environment. The Burgermeister of Konigslutter Arnulf Baumann who made a speech welcoming us to Königslutter and thanking us for helping to keep the Russian hoards from the door during the uncertain years of the cold war.

Horst Funke an honorary member from Königslutter gave a short speech also welcoming us to his home town.

Secretary’s Report: The secretary gave details of membership (now 363). The Secretary then introduced the treasurer Gerry Kane.

Treasurers Report: The treasurer gave details of our finances and a report is in the hands of the committee, he gave details of the running costs and it was decided that we would retain the option of asking the members for a one off payment of £5 if required.

Election of officers for the next year: The committee all agreed to serve for the next 12 months and as no members put up for election the committee where unanimously elected for the coming term.

The secretary then reintroduced the Chairman Jim Husband who made presentations of a Königslutter Mug to Peter Baldwin to mark the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Langeleben Camp.

 Reunion 2002: It was decided that our next reunion would hopefully be held at Loughborough sometime in May/June next year avoiding the Spec ops reunion at Barrow-on-sour and the RSA AGM at the end of June

The meeting closed at 1215hrs.



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