Langeleben Reunion Association





The meeting opened at 1210 hrs.

The chairman Jim Husband introduced the committee and civic guests.

The memorial standard dedication service and minutes silence was given by the reverend canon Derek Buxton.

The Secretary then gave the names of members who had passed away since the last AGM, Roy Smith, Peter Watts, Frank Mitchell & David Yorke.

The Secretary then read the apologies of members whom for various reasons where unable to attend the AGM.

The minutes of the 6th AGM where distributed for members to read, the secretary asked if there where any questions arising from the 1999 minutes, there where none so the Secretary asked for a proposal to accept, this was proposed by Neil Cooper and seconded by Brian Cox.

Matters arising: The Secretary told the members about the contact made with an American forces website with similar aims as us and the possibility of having on-going intercourse with them and perhaps opening more possibilities for the future. Our webmaster asked the chair for permission to display a list of members on the Langeleben web pages, it was agreed by vote to display surnames and initials only.

The Secretary then introduced in order, our President P A C Baldwin who brought us up to date with the involvement of the Royal Signals in today’s environment. The Mayor of Charnwood Councilor Neville Bird and the Burgermeister of Konigslutter Arnulf Baumann, both made short speeches  extolling the aims and virtues of our association, the Mayor of Charnwood with some humor.

Secretaries Report: The secretary gave details of membership (now 346) and thanked John Gant for his hard work in signing on 38 new members since July of last year. The Secretary then introduced the treasurer Gerry Kane.

Treasurers Report:  The treasurer gave details of our finances and a report is in the hands of the committee, he gave details of the running costs and it was decided that in our next letter to all members we would ask for a one-off  subscription of 5.

Election of officers for the next year:  The committee all agreed to serve for the next 12 months and as no members put up for election the committee where unanimously elected for the coming term.

The secretary then reintroduced the President Peter Baldwin who made presentations of a Royal Signals plaque to Mayor Neville Bird and an engraved glass mug to Burgermeister Arnulf Baumann.

Reunion 2001:  It was decided that our next reunion celebrating Langeleben’s 50th anniversary be held in Konigslutter next year to coincide with the local Shutzenfeste and will be sometime in May. (exact date to be confirmed later) .

The meeting closed at 1325hrs.


Last updated 14 January 2017