Langeleben Reunion Association


Minutes of The 6th AGM and Reunion
Held at TSGK Sports Club, Königslutter
Saturday 15th May 1999
The meeting was opened at 1105hrs
A minutes silence was held for 3 members who had passed away during 1998/99.
Hugh Howton, Peter Wardle & Terry Wright.

The Secretary introduced Jim Husband who was deputising in the absence of our Chairman. Jim welcomed all the members attending the AGM.
The Secretary read the apologies from members who were unable to attend the AGM.

The minutes of the 1998 reunion in Loughborough were distributed for members to read. The Secretary asked if there were any queries arising from the 1998 minutes, there were none, so the Secretary asked for a proposal to accept, this was proposed by Eric Sadler and seconded by Ernie Callaghan.

The Secretary's Report. A letter was read out from the RSA giving details of the Annual RSA weekend in Blandford on June 26/27th. Another letter had been received from the Royal Corps of Signals Pipes & Drums in Glasgow, asking if we could donate some money to help them purchase new sets of pipes, the members agreed to a donation of £50. This was proposed by Ernie Callaghan and seconded by Peter Westwell. Another letter had been received from a company in Dorset telling us that for £10, they could restore old photo's.
The Secretary then spoke about the Reunion 2000. He had made enquiries for the Milton Keynes area, with a view for a visit to Bletchley Park. He explained that the hotel costs were very high there, so it was decided to hold the reunion in Loughborough. This was proposed by Tom Neal and seconded by John Skipper.
The Secretary thanked the members living in Königslutter for all the work they had put in, in getting members fixed up with accommodation and for arranging the meal and raffle. John Richardson, Sid Hicken & DaveTwigg were given a long hand clap. He also thanked Dave Rounce who had travelled from the Bahamas and Alan Webster from Switzerland, for attending. Thanks were also given to the Bürgemeister, Arnulf Baumann for attending the AGM. Another letter had been received from John Dunford, asking if any of our members knew a Dave Roberts, but he was not known to any member. The Secretary the asked members if they would all assemble outside for a group photo, when the AGM had finished.

The Treasurer's Report. Copies of the annual figures were distributed amongst members. The Treasurer gave a run down on the figures, and we were told that our bank account was very healthy.  This was proposed by Eric Sadler and seconded by Ernie Callaghan. The Treasurer then a letter to the Bürgermeister from the Mayor of Loughborough for the people of Königslutter.

The election of the committee for the next twelve months. The Chairman was unable to stand again due to family and business commitments, and proposed that Jim Husband take on this post. All other committee members were prepared to stand for a further twelve months. This was put to the members, this was proposed by Peter Westwell and seconded by Ernie Callaghan.

The Reunion 2000.  As is mentioned earlier, it was decided to hold next years reunion in Loughborough. This was proposed by Stuart McLeod and seconded by Ron Lamph.

The Secretary introduced the Bürgermeister Arnulf Baumann. He welcomed us all to Königslutter and thanked us all for asking him to attend our functions. He spoke of his pride in wearing the Langeleben tie and his association with our branch. He then continued his speech in German, which was translated by Dave Twigg into English.

The Secretary then announced that we would be marching in the Schutzen Fest procession and all members to assemble at the Kaiserdom at 1400hrs.

The meeting closed at1140hrs.


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