Langeleben Reunion Association


Minutes of The 3rd AGM and Reunion
Held at The Friendly Hotel, Loughborough
20th July 1996
The opening of the AGM:
The Chairman opened the proceedings at 1400hrs.

The Secretary Frank Mitchell:
Proposed we have a minutes silence for three members who had died since we last met.
They were Alex Nicol, Peter Whalley and Sidney Grimshaw. Also we remembered Adrian Muir and Heidi Brandon.
The President of the branch:
Major General Peter Baldwin spoke to the assembled members about the Royal Corps of Signals. About the state of the Corps and its displacement in today's world and of its future role in the new millennium.

Minutes of the 1995 reunion:
The minutes of the 1995 reunion were read, approved and signed.
Jim Husband proposed the acceptance of the minutes and this seconded by Ernie Callaghan.

The treasurer's report:
Gerry Kane gave the members an up to date account of the Langeleben Branch funds as of the 18th July 1996.

Election of the committee:
The committee agreed to stand for a further year. This was proposed by Paul Fildes and seconded by Peter Westwell and was carried unanimously by all the members present.

Secretary's report:
Two letters were read out, one from Dave Twigg offering the use of a sports club in Königslutter for next years AGM and the possibility of putting on a meal for next years evening function. Also a letter from John Richardson offering to do any hotel bookings for members who intend to go to Germany in 1997. Also the Schutzengilde has asked that we march in the procession through Königslutter and they were prepared to pay for a band to accompany us in the procession. Also the secretary mentioned that an afternoon get together was planned for August 25th in Manchester and if any members were interested in going they should contact the Secretary after the AGM. Also the cost of having our own standard. The cost being £560. The general feeling that this was too expensive for the amount of use it would gat as we only have one main reunion a year. (see later note by John Rosson).

The 1997 reunion in Königslutter:
It was decided to hold next years reunion in Königslutter but not the same weekend as the Schutzen Fest. (see later note by Ron Lamph)

Any other business:
Alfred Rowlinson-Bates made the suggestion that members at the AGM contribute £1 to branch funds but this was not too popular amongst the members.
John Rosson brought up the possibility of having a Langeleben flag but not one that depicted the Royal Signals or I Corps but one that was of a general nature and would encompass all units that served at Langeleben. He said the finance was not a problem and that he was prepared to look into the possibility of obtaining one from a source that he knew of. So we have left this with him to go into.
Paul Fildes brought up the subject of purchasing some photo's of the ceremony of the FAREWELL to LANGELEBEN. These were offered to us last year by an elderly German gentleman. So it was decided to try and contact this gentleman and make the purchase if they were still available.
Ron Lamph brought up the subject of holding the reunion next year so that it did coincide with the Schutzen Fest in Königslutter. As most members seemed to favour this suggestion, it was decided to wait until we hear from John Richardson as to the date of the 1997 Schutzen Fest. As soon as the date is known  for the Schutzen Fest a letter will be sent to all members with all the reunion details

Closure of the AGM:
As there was no other business the AGM was closed at 1505hrs.

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